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What are your Blind Spots?

I recently spent a weekend with an incredible woman who has devoted the last twelve years to helping women find their purpose. Together, over three intense days, we uncovered my deepest-set false beliefs and replaced them with powerful affirmations that serve to counteract those beliefs that have been holding me back. What is amazing is that my affirmations are not pie-in-the-sky phrases rooted in where I hope to be. My affirmations are true. I DO know what is true for me. I DO know that I am powerful.

I consider myself to be grounded, self-aware and a capable person. I have navigated some extremely challenging life situations with strength and resilience. And managed to build a beautiful business at the same time. But I still have blind spots. And that’s the thing about blind spots…YOU can’t see them. You need someone else to see them for you.

The other day I was on a call with a successful entrepreneur who has over ten years built an incredible bath and body line. She started by selling her products at local markets and is now nearing almost one million in sales. Her product line is high quality, smells amazing, and is beautifully packaged. She has invested little to no money on marketing and is positioned for more incredible growth. Yet on our call, this successful entrepreneur and mother admitted that she hadn’t set out a vision for her business and that much of her achievements had “just happened”. She knew that to get to the next stage her perspective on her business needed to change.

We talked about where she would like her business to go and how she wants it to fit into her life. We talked about where she is winning and where she knows she needs help. Through our conversation, we uncovered HER blind spots — opportunities for growth that were at her fingertips that she didn’t previously see, resources she needs vs those she doesn’t, and how to prioritize and focus while wearing multiple hats. As business owners, many of our biggest blind spots begin when we don’t give ourselves credit for what we know and then aim low. Instead of aiming for BIG things with the knowledge that if anyone can get there, we can.

6 Reasons to Consider Investing in your Business

  1. You need an outside perspective — working on your own is lonely!
  2. You want to accelerate your business growth
  3. You need help focusing and prioritizing your efforts
  4. You understand that investing in yourself and your business is key to growth and success
  5. You need insight into what retailers are looking for
  6. You are starting out and need someone to bounce ideas off of

Why work with me?

I have 10+ years of experience in retail including running a high-end eco-friendly shop as well as a buyer at Indigo (Canada’s Barnes & Noble), Joe Fresh and Gap Inc. I’ve been the co-founder of BRIKA for five years now and have literally heard stories from hundreds of artisans…not surprisingly, common themes have emerged.

I’ve also consulted with larger retailers (other than those I’ve worked for full-time) and small businesses and have an understanding of the needs of both sides.

I truly believe in the power of the creative economy and the people (you!) who drive it forward with their passion, integrity, and humanity. What you do matters (probably more than you realize) and I want to be a part of helping you succeed!

Are you ready to drive your business forward? Email me to set up a 10-minute complimentary call — let’s talk! I can’t wait to hear from you and share more details about how we can work together.


Co-founder & Crafter of Brand


“Working with Kena helped me confront issues about my business that have unknowingly been holding me back. She’s helped me on my way to creating my overriding brand message which was something I was really struggling with before. The outside perspective was really enlightening and encouraging, I highly recommend working with Kena if you’re seeking out ways to grow your own brand. These sessions really makes you look long and hard at your business and yourself. I put a lot of work into this and got a lot out of it.”

– Nicola Fanstone, Blackthumb Decor

“As a jewelry designer, there were so many aspects of the process of running an actual business that I was missing. There is an overwhelming number of resources available out there, some of which were helpful, but I felt I needed more guidance. During my consultation with Kena, I learned about where to focus my efforts, but I also learned more about myself. Our conversations gave me clarity around my vision and goals for my business and Kena’s recommendations gave me great insights into how to improve my business on all fronts. Thank you, Kena for helping me to move my dream forward…”

– Cindy Liebel, Cindy Liebel Jewelry

“As soon as I saw the newsletter Kena sent about offering her services to creatives I emailed back immediately. I’ve known Kena for a long time and I knew having her help and advice would be really beneficial. She is personable, professional and is a really positive influence. After my first session I had a much clearer idea for my business goals. We talked through strengths, weaknesses and above all what would make me happy. It’s great to have Kena’s perspective on my business ideas, designs and what makes and defines a brand. I intend to keep up with regular sessions and grow my business with a fantastic mentor by my side.”

– Natalie Alexander, Natalie Alex Designs

“Kena saw my vision and supported it from the very beginning years of my business. As a buyer with over a decade of experience, she offered me valuable advice in creating a cohesive collection of stationery and paper goods, and helped me create a distinct direction for my line to evolve in. Over the years, she has given me indispensable guidance out of the goodness of her heart, and continues to have my best interests at heart as she helps me shape and expand my work. Her continual encouragement and support has helped me grow and expand my business immensely, especially during discouraging times and often when I felt like giving up completely.”

– Meera Lee Patel, Artist and Author of Start Where You Are

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