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8 stylish pieces to make your own

While I’m always sad to see summer go, I can’t help but love the freshness that fall brings. The air is crisp, there is an enthusiastic buzz in the air and the subtle scent of potential for what is to come.

Everything is new — new classes, new agendas and most fun of all, new fall outfits. While fashions both on and off the runway are a constant source of inspiration, my feeling is that fashion is most fun when it comes from your personal style. This fall be inspired by you — who you are today and who you want to be! And most importantly get creative and have fun. Who wants to look like everyone else anyway?

Here are some of my picks for styling your fall outfits… go ahead, make them your own!

I’ve already seen a few people wearing a neckerchief and I have to say, I love how such a simple accessory can make any outfit so chic! We have a few styles at BRIKA but I love this silk windowpane pattern version by Micah and Alicia at Neck & Tie Company.

A bold cuff always makes a statement even if you’re wearing a simple T and denim. Jenna from Air Sign Jewelry cheekily took it half way there with her “semi-bold” crescent cuff. This handmade brass and silver piece could make your outfit daily.

No fall outfit is complete without a cross body bag, and this goat leather version made ethically in India by Elk is my pick for the season. Available in black or brown, it is functional with a completely unique design featuring a circular silhouette and lattice perforation on the outside.

I have a collection of long necklaces that I love to wear over sweaters or simple long sleeve knits. Some I stole(!) from my mother’s jewelry box, some I made, and many I bought from BRIKA artists. I have my eye on this unique piece by Aimee at Garnett Jewelry.

My all time favorite lip balm is Lip Slip by Sara Happ so I was very excited to try her line of lip glosses. This lip gloss is truly the perfect pink for all skin tones while maintaining the super moisturizing properties of her lip balm. It has happily found a place next to Lip Slip in my bag at all times!

Why do we love initial jewelry so much? I think it is because when we look at a “K” on a necklace or a ring we don’t see all the names that start with K — we just see our own! I have a chipped diamond “K” necklace in my jewelry box already but I’d love to add this delicate 14K gold ring designed by Gabriela at Lumo Jewelry.

Can you tell I have a thing for cross body bags? I also have a thing for pom poms 🙂 This little bag (it can also be used as a clutch) was hand woven by indigenous artisans in Guatemala.

Elisha Marie makes some of our bestselling jewelry at BRIKA. I absolutely love her new contour earrings, available in recycled sterling silver, 14K gold fill or 14K solid gold. You can buy them singly or as a pair and they are just cool. If you are looking for a new ring, definitely check these out as we sell hundreds of them!

Kena Paranjape
Co-founder & Crafter of Brand

Featured image: Farmers Are Heroes Tote Bag Design by The Oyster’s Pearl


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