Happy birthday, Gemini! Your 2017 horoscope

May 20 – June 20

From the personal to the professional, 2017 is the year to utilize the network of connections you’ve forged throughout your life. As someone who is naturally full of good ideas — from the epic to the everyday – they can be hard to make a reality on your own, so do not be hesitate to ask for help along the way. This year is all about thinking big – and the changes that come from doing so – so follow your gut and team up with friends and contacts where appropriate. This month, Venus and Jupiter are powerfully opposed as the Sun enters Gemini in May, which means you possess the clear head and confidence needed to feel good about moving forward with big decisions. Mars is in Gemini at the same time, so the stars are in your favor in terms of giving you the energy and vitality to see these choices through in good faith. Maintaining a solid work-life balance and listening to your body will be key to the successful execution of big picture decision-making. Remember to set aside time devoted to you and you only – use it to advance into the most fully realized version of yourself you can be.

Pictured above: Zodiac Handmade Journal by Soothi

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