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Staff picks: 8 Valentine’s Day gifts we’re infatuated with right now

Although these well-crafted goodies are a far cry from overt displays of anything pink, red or coated in chocolate, we think these gifts fit the heart-shaped mold for Valentine’s Day perfectly. Your secret’s safe with us if you happen to leave this list open for your significant other to discover…

1. Jen, Co-Founder: Plum Jam (Set of 2), Penny Candy, $23

“Spiced with cinnamon and clove, this plum jam would pair beautifully on fresh scones for breakfast in bed.”

2. Kena, Co-Founder: Clay Ranunculus, DK Designs, $45

“This gorgeous clay ranunculus definitely qualifies as a piece of art for its incredible detail alone. Like a fresh cut flower, but everlasting.”

3. Sasha, Creative Designer: Paris Loose Leaf Tea Blend, First Edition Tea Co., $20

“Evocative of the city of love, this tasty tea blend combines notes of chocolate, cream and caramel with a touch of ginger. A French pastry, in mug form!”

4. Gavin, Merchandising AssociateBeard Oil, Crux Supply Oil, $33

“All natural and organic, this beard oil marries almond, avocado and jojoba oil for a match made in heaven that keeps your face moisturized, and whiskers protected.”

5. Nadine, Merchandising Associate: Healing Travel Set, Baiser Beauty, $65

“This 100% organic travel kit has it all; from cucumber spritz spray to anti-aging skin serum. Gift this to your number one gal (or gal pal) to let her know she’s loved.”

6. Catherine, Store Operations Manager: Citrus + Sage Soy Candle, Northern Flicker, $16

“Why not treat yourself on Valentine’s Day? Make a case for amour propre with this beautiful soy candle, perfect for a candlelit bubble bath after a long day.”

7. Maggy, Merchandise Coordinator: Square Lariat Necklace, Sora Designs, $27

“The versatility of this necklace renders it simple yet statement-making. Fingers crossed my boyfriend is reading this!”

8. Sam, Digital Editor: XO Studs, Foe and Dear, $63

“I love these asymmetrical studs because they play on the theme of love without delving into cheesy territory. Simple yet sweet, they’re everything a Valentine’s gift should be.”



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