Happy birthday, Capricorn!

December 22 – January 20

Personality traits

Saturn is the ruling sign for Capricorns, meaning that they have a good head on their shoulders in terms of being responsible, practical and good managers with their money. As the most serious Zodiac sign, Capricorns tend to be well respected and upwardly mobile in the workplace for their ability to get the job done efficiently and professionally. As an Earth sign, they value family over everything else and would drop everything to be by a sibling or parent’s side if need be. Despite being quite disciplined, they throw all sense out the window when it comes to others’ opinions differing from their own. Their know-it-all nature and relatively conservative views prove especially challenging when they butt heads, as they have a hard time acknowledging judgment beyond their own life experiences. Despite these setbacks, their independence, intellect and sensible nature mean they make excellent coworkers and friends if you are someone who values security and levelheadedness over spontaneity.

2017 Horoscope

Although you tend to choose mature and logical decision-making over that inspired by impulsivity and passion, fortune will truly favor the bold for you in 2017, Capricorn. January will see your career advance in a more lucrative way than it has for a long time, giving you the rightfully earned confidence that you will have a fulfilling and prosperous year ahead. Although you have a tendency to keep your head down and get the job done at work, be sure to remember to take a break and soak in your surroundings or regret the feeling that life is passing you by without properly appreciating it. Take the time to do things that you love, with the people you love. A relative that you were once close with will come back into your life: embrace them with open arms and it could prove to be one of the happiest relationships you will foster. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable – your friends and family are there to listen and support you. Opening yourself up to the world may prove to be challenging, but softness is an important trait to remember in a world that makes it easy to be hard.


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