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Have a Well-Crafted Week: July 24, 2016

World leaders imagined as hipsters.

If color-spo is a thing, surely this is it – then use this guide when you take the plunge.

Educate yourself with the intersectional woman’s reading list.

How to eat key lime pie, in the most summer-appropriate way possible.

This Nike campaign demonstrates that body positivity comes in all forms.

A terrarium so pretty you won’t want to eat it (yes, eat!).

11 cult condiments you can buy on Amazon.

A captivating read on Belinda Johnson, the Sheryl Sandberg of Airbnb.

Say goodbye to mosquitos in the most chic DIY way possible.

A voyeuristic peek into celeb homes in Manhattan.

Disco, anyone?


Main image courtesy of PureWow

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