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BRIKA eats: 10 refreshing summer cocktails to keep the heat at bay

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As we’re now getting into the thick of mid-summer heat (hello, feels like 95ºF warnings), the cliché of the hazy, lazy days of summer certainly rings true. Stave off the high temperatures with these icy cocktails, perfect for patio entertaining and courtesy of our friends at Bite Me More

1. Jalapeno Margarita

Channel the outdoor heat into this concoction, guaranteed to bring the fire to your fiesta.


2. Strawberry Margarita

This sweet and simple classic combines your daily serving of fruit with a shot of color and bar cart staples, tequila and triple sec.


3. Lemon Ginger Beer Shandy

Not one but two crowd pleasers combine in this perfectly refreshing beverage: mouth-puckering lemonade and ice-cold beer. Bottoms up!


4. Pink Lemonade Martini

Elevate your girls’ night out vodka cran go-to with this citrusy twist that goes down almost too easily.


5. Black Dragon Cocktail

This is what Beyoncé meant when she said ‘slay,’ right? You’re in for a unique and tropical cocktail experience with this delicious combination of raspberries and dragon fruit-flavored rum.


6. Sunset Pomegranate Martini

Who says you can’t get vitamin C and antioxidants from a martini? This fruit-filled martini caters to your needs: orange juice, pomegranate juice and – er, vodka!


7. Blueberry Mojito

There’s a reason why the mojito is a classic. Add a yummy twist to your go-to cocktail with sweet blueberries and tart limes.



8. The Ultimate Mint Julep

Make like a southern belle and quench your thirst on a blistering summer day with this go-to refresher.


9. Limoncello Gin Martini

No need to bust out a blender here: kick back with this killer cocktail, made with zesty liqueur, gin, lemon juice and simple syrup.


10. Citrus Mint Sangria

Take your sangria up a notch with this cooling twist that combines lemons, limes, fresh mint and dry white wine.


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