Anabela’s DIY Project #2: Star Garland

Anabela writes a delightful blog called Fieldguided and runs a small accessories company with her husband Geoff. They have two cats, Oreo and Pony. Every week Anabela will be sharing a new DIY discovery to help us get a little craftier.

So pretty and easy!

My second project for BRIKA is based on this star garland that I came across on Pinterest. I thought it would be really cute and easy to make, not to mention wintry and pretty. (Here’s my first project: a pom pom wreath.)

To make this garland I used cardboard that I had lying around, white paint and a star template, which I made out of the cardboard. I didn’t worry too much about making perfectly shaped stars because I wanted my garland to have a slightly rustic feel.

The original project was posted in Finnish, but through Google Translate I saw that their instructions called for a star punch and different colors of cardstock, but I just used what I had.

Simple materials, beautiful result!

I cut out 35 stars, and painted them with white acrylic paint. (I painted the stars somewhat roughly because, again, I wasn’t aiming for something perfect!)

I punched holes in the center of the stars, took a length of twine and pulled the stars through one at a time. I made a knot in the twine before I added the next star, and another knot after that — I tried to keep them evenly spaced.

This project was really simple and satisfying. I’m going to get a Christmas tree this weekend and am looking forward to adorning it with my new shooting stars!

Gorgeous on a mantle with lights and greenery


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